At we have many options of used aerators for sale. Core aeration is the mechanical removal of soil cores from the lawn. This practice relieves soil compaction and manages thatch, thus improving water and air movement in the soil. Loosened soil allows for improved root growth. Actual soil cores must be pulled from the soil at a rate of about 9 per square foot and are then left on the lawn surface to decompose. Methods that employ tines or spikes to make holes in the ground without removing soil cores are ineffective.

Core aeration is best done when adequate cores can be pulled. Spring and fall are often considered ideal times, however, the operation can be done anytime there is adequate soil moisture to pull cores. Core aeration can be done either by lawn care operators or by the homeowner using rented equipment.

This a great asset to add to your maintenance tools because it creates an easy step to keeping your lawn growing and healthy all year long. Aerators are the first step to help creating the glow of a healthy green lawn.

Depending on the type of job you’re looking to achieve, we have the best used aerators for sale! Our collection right now features walk behind aerators, fairway aerators, deep tine aerators, and a selection of John Deere aerators. Each aerator has features to help you complete large areas including soccer fields or golf course fairways or just to keep your lawn looking the best on the block! Check out our whole collection of used aerators and find the one to make people around you green with envy!

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